Some time ago we decided to offer recruitment services to our clients. A weird service for a fundraising consultancy company? We believe it’s not. Let me explain why we got into this business and what we like about it!

The Question

Over the last years many of our clients came to us with a simple question: do you know a good fundraiser for our fundraising team? It turns out that most organizations have great difficulty finding great fundraisers. Luckily, we often knew a few people who could be a great match. Fundraisers we have worked with, who participated in one of our trainings or who approached us with a similar question: “Do you know of an organization…?”

The search

It turned out that our network and our clients often resulted in great matches. Therefore, we decided to professionalize our matchmaking. We offer tailor-made searches in which we improve our clients’ recruitment procedure, by changing the vacancy text, including the salary range and diversifying the advertisement channels. Why? Because we are fundraisers ourselves. We always ask ourselves: what would motivate us to apply?

The perfect candidate

Most of our clients are looking for the five-legged sheep. However, this way, a client could miss out on many great candidates who lack just a few of the requirements. And skills can be learned. Therefore we have decided to offer this as well, and we called it Recruitment+. Once recruited, your four-legged sheep will become a five-legged one through our intense – one year – training, coaching, and networking program. He or she will get a tailor-made training program. In addition, we will personally coach the new colleague at least once every two months, more if needed. Last but not least, we organize networking events for our alumni recruitment group, of which the new staff member will become part. 

So what did this bring us? I am very proud to say that we have a 100% success rate in finding great fundraisers. Some assignments have been more challenging than others, but in the end, we have succeeded. And we are even more proud of another figure: all the candidates we have found are still employed by the organization that recruited them! 

Curious to hear more about our Recruitment+ program? Or perhaps interested in one of the great jobs we are recruiting people for? Let us know and send us a message. You can find our contact details here. Hope to talk and connect to you soon!