Successful fundraising requires time and investment. Therefore, as consultants, we think that Interim Management is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things to do. It enables us to analyze the situation at hand, explore fresh perspectives, facilitate open discussions and develop the right solutions for our clients. However, developing a solution is only halfway to success. What makes the interim role different from short-term consultancy assignments, is that we are able to implement the solutions and test them. We learn together what works in practice, and adapt and experience the improvements first hand.  

So, how does our Interim Management service help you to run this fundraising marathon?


We become a member of your team.

Interim assignments enable us to build strong and sustainable relationships. We deep-dive into your organization from every angle: your mission and dreams, how you work, core competencies and your achievements. Whether we bring expertise to your existing workforce, cover a critical role or take on a project, being a knowledgeable and reliant partner motivates us to guarantee success.


We are driven by change and showing results.

Change is part of the interim management role and is what makes it challenging. We enjoy being exposed to new problems, a diverse range of cultures and working environments. We adapt to issues at hand and expect to be judged by the results of our work.


It is one of the best ways to transfer knowledge.

Our team of consultants brings a ton of experience to the interim manager. We come with skills, knowledge, and contacts and transfer these to your team to be used long after we delivered the work.  


We can block out the politics and bring objectivity.

We understand your organization’s philosophy, politics, and personalities. With that in mind, an interim management role enables us to become the sounding board depending on your needs. At the end of the day, as interim managers, we are there for your organization and your team. We will execute your vision together and focus on our commitments. 


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