You might have noticed from our recent blog posts, like this one on the top five websites to find grants in the USA and this one on the 501(C)3, that something is happening with the USA and us. So, today we think it is time to unveil the big news:

we are opening a new office in Washington D.C.!


We are very excited to share this news with you. But what are we going to do in the USA? Lots of good things, which will surely diversify fundraising opportunities for our clients worldwide! Such as:


1. Road trips

Over the past years, we have organized many road trips for our European clients to explore the USA market. We set up meetings with prospective donors or partners, prepare donor-specific meeting material, and accompany our clients to the meetings. This will be even easier with our new office in place. We will keep on building our network in the non-profit sector and be close to the fire. Of course, we also organize these road trips for USA clients who wish to explore the European market.


2. Training & workshops

How to fundraise in the USA? Or in Europe? What topics live most among donors, and how do you build relationships with them? Are there specific cultural elements to keep in mind when doing this? How to build a sound logical framework? What are the ingredients for the perfect fundraising pitch? All these questions are answered through our training and workshops, which we give in-company as well as at our training venue. Through our USA office, we wish to reach even more fundraisers and program managers to help improve and build their fundraising skills.


3. Cross-continental representation

With one office in the USA and another in The Netherlands, we are able to act as a representative of your organization on either side of the Atlantic. Whether you need us to be present at an important event and act on your behalf, or you want us to negotiate with possible partners, we can do the job for you.


These are just a few of the plans we have, with which we hope to help you diversify and increase your fundraising revenue. Let us know if you think we can support you otherwise, or if you are interested in one of the services above. Next week, we will introduce you to our new USA colleague: Emily Bango.


Would you like to learn more about fundraising in the USA? Check out our brand new training which will take place in January. Our early bird deal runs till December 31, so be quick to subscribe!