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Yes, our USA office is officially open!


We are looking back at a great event shared with wonderful people, who all risked the snow to celebrate this with us.


Are you wondering what Han is doing with his USA hat on?


He was the quizmaster of the day, asking very difficult questions to the different teams on logframes and fundraising in the USA.


Do you want to try some of the questions? (You can find the answers below)

Here we go:


1. Manhattan Island was bought by the Dutch from Lenape Native Americans in 1626. The deal was done by Peter Minuit and we learned about it from a letter written to the directors of the Dutch East India Company. What was the purchasing price for Manhattan?


2. How many cities in the USA are called Amsterdam?


3. We all wish to connect to Bill Gates, and we pretend to meet him when we practice elevator pitches during our pitching training – but in how many languages could we actually talk to him? How many languages does Bill Gates speak?


4. What was the total amount of funding received (in Euros) by Dutch organizations from US donors in 2017? 


5. A question from our logical framework and Theory of  Change expert, Naz: What is the word for an output + an assumption?


6. Stefan, our new team member, and negotiation expert, learns most from his own negotiation failures. Which of the following deals ended in failure on his end?


A. Negotiating 3 million USD in World Bank funding for a hiking project in a war zone.


B. Negotiating his 3-year old to eat her dinner in exchange for a great dessert.


C. Negotiating access to the holy city of Medina as a non-muslim.


D. Negotiating a free iPhone from the Apple store.


Of course, the guests who were in the “USA Team” won the quiz. They had the honor to push the magical button which would officially open the USA Office, a wonderful moment which can be viewed here:


Opening of our USA office!

So proud! The opening of our USA office!!

Geplaatst door Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy and Interim Management op Vrijdag 1 februari 2019




And did you know we are launching a new training on negotiation for fundraisers and program managers?


We have developed this training specifically for the needs of people working in the non-profit sector, to enhance their skills when negotiating with donors, partners, colleagues or even with themselves! We organize the training together with negotiation champions from Routslaeven Company. Check it out here



The right answers to the pub quiz questions were:


  1. 60 guilders 
  2. 10 cities
  3. 1 language (English)
  4. EUR 177.206.413.
  5. Outcome
  6. Answer B: Negotiating his 3-year old to eat her dinner in exchange for a great dessert.