Your journey to making an impact starts here! With insightful articles and tips about the NGO and fundraising sector, we have at heart to give you the final push to help you make the world a better place.

Discover our Monday’s infographics series where every week, we select and turn key data into straightforward infographics.

Kickstart September with books!

While summer is ending, let’s kickstart your September with inspiring readings, directly or indirectly connected to the NGO and fundraising sector. From practical insights to Science-Fiction, our team members share which book was or still is on their bedside tables!

Tea break with Elise Kant

Have you ever wondered whether you had more in common with your peers than just your passion for making a difference in the world? In this informal interview, learn about Elise Kant’s ultimate drives, secrets for successful Mondays and insights about the sector. Grab a cup and read on!



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