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Our team is dedicated to helping you unlock funding opportunities to accelerate your impact. With more than 50 years of experience combined in diverse countries, we bring in not only an extra set of skills but also a fresh eye combining both the perspective of institutional donors and nonprofits.


Gouda, the Netherlands

More about Han

Han is dedicated to support non-profits by offering practical, tailor-made and flexible solutions on all fundraising levels. The way he would have liked to be supported when he was head fundraising the past ten years. Rather than providing broad concepts, his tools and advice can be implemented directly in your organization.

More about Maaike

Maaike has been working for over a decade in -mostly francophone- Africa. She brings in field experience in international development cooperation as well as in the international cultural sector. She has worked for nonprofits as well as large institutional donors. As such, she has the right hindsight to link both perspectives. She also knows how to combine effectively theory and practice.

More about Naz

Naz has a multidisciplinary background as a Systems Engineering and EU Studies expert. She has solid skills in institutional fundraising, proposal development, grant management as well as program development. Added to that, Naz has in-depth experience in implementation, monitoring & evaluation, and multi-country consortium building in Asia and Africa.

More about Diana

Diana is a fundraising and civil society enthusiast with international fundraising experience. With a background in Civil Society studies, she understands the role of NGOs as well as its needs in today’s contexts. She now puts both her hands-on approach and her international experience with large and small NGOs at our partners’s service to support donor research and proposal development.

More about Elsi

Elsi brings over a decade of experience in program development and fundraising in Southeast Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. His dedication to the non-profit sector was inspired at a young age, as he was volunteering at a refugee camp. Ever since, he has been involved in a variety of capacities for nonprofits and has led or been a member of several multicultural teams.

More about Maarten

Maarten has over a decade of working experience in both the NGO and the public sectors. Amongst others, he worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His fundraising skills range from mapping and profiling to proposal writing and grant management. Over the years, he also developed in-depth knowledge on how NGOs can increase their social impact.

More about Claire

Over the years, Claire put her marketing and communication skills at the service of both non-profit and cultural organizations in Europe, Asia and South America. She also shaped and trained teams in both sectors. She now enthusiastically shares her experience with Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy as well as with our partners.

More about Merel

Merel has hands-on experience in Latin America with both project coordination and monitoring and evaluation. She has a multidisciplinary background from her Bachelor Future Planet Studies and her Master International Development Studies, and she is specialised in the field of women’s rights and gender equality. She is goal-orientated, pro-active, and a team-player that gets motivated by bringing people together.

More about Tirza

Tirza is a student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, currently in her third year of studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. She joined us to gain both insight and experience in fundraising and consultancy.

More about An

A communicator by training and a consultant by trade, An joined the development sector after four years of experience in communications strategy, publication design and market research. He strives to help NGOs elevate their work and achieve their ambitions with his diversity of experiences and perspectives. An holds a Master Degree in Globalisation and Development Studies from Maastricht University.

More about Ilse

Ilse is a double-bachelor student at Radboud University. With her studies ‘Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies’ and ‘Philosophy, Politics and Society’ she has a multidisciplinary background, with a particular interest in sustainability, human rights, and international relations. She aims to contribute to making people feel connected to each and to their environment.


Washington D.C., USA


Associate Consultant

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More about Emily

Emily brings over nine years of experience leading project management and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts for human rights and international development programs. She utilizes skills and perspectives developed through work at U.S.-based international NGOs and for a U.S. donor agency.  She is well-versed in a variety of global programs with a longstanding regional focus in Latin America. Emily holds a Masters degree in Public Management.

Emilie Fokkelman


Associate Consultant

[email protected]

About Emilie

International development professional with 9 years of experience working for the World Bank and non-governmental organizations on knowledge management, communications and community management in the areas of sustainable development, governance, and accountability.

Emilie Fokkelman


Associate Consultant

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About Rosanne

Rosanne holds 14 years’ experience in international public health with postgraduate BA degree in financial control. She has a strong analytical background and 11 years’ experience in financial management of USAID-funded projects. Her expertise is in financial compliance, indirect cost recovery, risk management, audit regulations, and internal controls. She has facilitated trainings and performed internal assessments such as NUPAS and OCA.

Emilie Fokkelman


Associate Consultant

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About Mischa

Mischa brings over 20 years’ experience in international public health, of which five years in SRHR and 16 years in the management of USAID funded programs. She managed and coordinated the project operations in 23 countries. She ensured compliance with donor- and project requirements and provided capacity building through trainings and workshops for project and field staff. Sub-recipient management and navigating the rules and regulations of USAID form an integral part of her expertise. Mischa holds an MSc in Sociology, specialized in Organizations and Management.



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