Negotiations with Partners and Donors
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Nonprofits engage in negotiations with donors and partners several times a day, especially in times of crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic. So how can nonprofits get the best outcomes?

You need to negotiate with your partners and donors on funding, reporting, implementation, etc. And sometimes you need to re-negotiate, especially when a pandemic is affecting every facet of your work.

What does negotiation mean for NGOs? How can NGOs negotiate with their stakeholders in the best way possible? What lessons can we learn from others and how can they be best implemented by you?

This seminar aims to address these questions, based on the Harvard Principles on Negotiation and many years of negotiating experience of our guest speaker, Stefan Szepesi, in the Middle East, the USA and Europe. We will give you tips and tricks to negotiate what might have been non-negotiable before.


  • A 45-minute FREE online session.
  • An overview of key elements on negotiation.
  • Practical cases to see how negotiation can work in practice.
  • A webinar by two experienced professionals in negotiation: Stefan Szepesi (founder of Negotiation and Public Service and associate partner at RoutsLaeven) and Han Valk (founder of HVFC).
  • A welcoming, interactive atmosphere that fosters expression and collaboration.


Stefan Szepesi

Stefan Szepesi

Founder - Negotiation and Public Service | Associate Partner - RoutsLaeven

Stefan Szepesi is the founder of Negotiation & Public Service and an associate partner at RoutsLaeven. His practitioner experience “at the table” includes international trade talks for the EU and negotiations on the Middle East Peace Process for the Middle East Quartet, formed by the UN, EU, US and Russia. Earlier in his career he researched and published on EU external trade negotiations for the think tank ECDPM. Stefan has trained diplomats, civil servants, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders from a variety of backgrounds on negotiation and is a member of the Program On International Negotiation Training (POINT). He is the author of case studies and negotiation simulations and as a member of Speaker’s Academy speaks on negotiation and cooperation challenges in international and domestic public policy.

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Our fundraising knowledge is based on our experience working for almost 100 organizations in over 25 countries and training over 500 individuals. Together with you we will use this moment to reflect on our fundraising results of the past and look forward to the future.



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